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Welcome to the Caterpillar Cross Stitch 'Stitcher of the Month' competition for November 2019 where the winner will walk away with a £20 gift voucher! I love this community we've built together and I want to showcase the personality and story of a special stitcher each month.

Every one of you is so valued and I want to recognise and celebrate your contributions through this monthly giveaway. On the first day of every month, I'll ask for your nominations. You can nominate yourself or someone else.


cross stitcher of the month


Simply email me at with your full name, email address and include a photo of some recent stitching. Don't hold back! Let us hear about your personality, background and experience with stitching. Where you're from, how you started stitching and why you love it!

The winner will receive a £20 Caterpillar Cross Stitch gift voucher and have their work shared on social media, our website and in the next email! At the end of each month, the Caterpillar Cross Stitch team will pick one winner based on the set criteria: creativity, interesting story, enjoyment and passion for cross stitch and overall impression. The winner will be contacted by email and will be interviewed for our blog and social media channels.

And now on to our WINNER for November 2019... Congratulations Katie!

Katie says:

My mom taught me how to cross stitch when I was 10 or so. I remember charting copies of cross stitch patterns zoomed in to the pixels on MS Paint to pass the time during the summer when I would be stuck in her office at work on a military base in Texas.

Somewhere in space and time there exists a 2/3 completed Tweety Bird on waste canvas on a ringer tee (1995, what whaaaat). Cross stitch was not for me as a kid, I was far too impatient!

 cross stitcher of the month


I picked my needle up again, of course remembering the basics, about 12 years later. I made a baby sampler for my friend and I haven’t stopped since. Like most stitchers, the majority of my pieces end up being gifts, but when DMC released their étoile line of floss earlier this year, I knew I wanted to make something for myself - something unique. So I designed my own cross stitch pattern of an agate slice using cotton floss, light effects, and étoile. I even dyed my own aida fabric, because 18 count black is impossible to find in stores. 

I’m quite pleased with the result! So much so, that it’s at work on my desk. I love making art, but cross stitch is always my art of choice. Honestly, I think it’s made me a better person, since it’s the only life experience I have that has truly taught me patience (probably good that I waited ‘til I was 34 to have a kid!)


cross stitch crystal


I’ll keep stitching as long as I have cooperating eyes and hands, and hope to design more one day. I also hope my daughter will want me to teach her. I hope you like my agate slice! 

P.S. I also included a photo of my little time-thief and reason why I don’t stitch nearly as much as I used to. She’s worth it, though.


cross stitch for kids


If you too are interesting in designing your own cross stitch patterns, please sign up for the Love It Stitch It newsletter HERE to be the first to try out the cross stitch pattern maker when it goes live! 

If you would like to join over 4,600 stitchers in the Facebook group, please click HERE. Well done Katie, your £20 Caterpillar Cross Stitch gift voucher is on its way to you! Thank you for all of your wonderful entries - it was tough to pick a winner as they were all so lovely to read with some amazing stitching shown! Nominations are now open for our December Stitcher of the Month - I can't wait to see them!

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