October 04, 2019

Over the summer, I visited Warwick Museum and spotted a 'friendship cloth' (photo below) hand sewn with names, dates and messages from world leaders such as John F Kennedy and Winston Churchill.

It got me thinking. We've built this huge global community online through our shared passion for cross stitch. We sit in our homes and towns from New Zealand to Canada and a hundred places in between, each stitching our lovely projects.


stitched together cross stitch project


But what if there was a way to each contribute to a giant cross stitch piece? I was inspired by the 'friendship cloth' to launch our latest project, Stitched Together!

We could see each other's individual personalities through the stitches and it would mark a point in time where we all came together (however many miles apart) through this one cross stitched piece.

Whoever you are and wherever you live, I would love for you to send over a little cross stitched piece and I will personally stitch them all together into one giant wall hanging! If we get enough and there's the demand, I will also have it turned into a print so anyone can buy a copy for their own home or office.


cross stitch stitched together project


OK, so here are the requirements:-

1. Please use any piece of aida or evenweave (any colour and any count)

2. Please make sure your stitched area is no larger than 3 x 3 inches. Please allow at least 2 inches of fabric around every side so that your fabric measures 5 x 5 inches at least.

3. Use any colour thread.

4. Stitch your name plus any icon (e.g. flag, face, animal, landmark, date, location etc.) You can see my personal contribution above - 'Sally' and our caterpillar mascot 'Carlos' measuring 3 x 3 inches. You can find some great free alphabet patterns HERE.

5. Please post your stitched piece to me (some type of recorded / tracked delivery is recommended as we don't want the postal system to lose anything!) Unfortunately, we can't return stitched pieces nor can we guarantee their safe arrival.

6. All participants will be credited with their name and location when the final piece is completed!

7. There is no deadline for this project, but ideally, please send your pieces to me by 1st March 2020, I will have them all stitched together during March and share it with you all. Please invite your friends and family via social media too - let's see how many we can get!

* Please note, this project is now closed. 

I'm so excited to get started and I can't wait to see your contributions.

Happy stitching!


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