Christmas 2023 Cross Stitch-a-Long

August 09, 2023

Calling all cross stitch enthusiasts! If you would like to embark on a creative journey and connect with fellow stitchers, all while creating a modern, Christmas cross stitch project, this festive stitch-a-long is for you!

The brand new Christmas Wonderland stitch-a-long is open for pre-order from August 16th at 7pm UK time, and we're delighted to be able to share all of the exciting details with you.


A stitch-a-long (or SAL for short) is a collaborative cross stitch project where a group of stitchers all work on the same design simultaneously. It's a wonderful way to encourage creativity, share progress and create a sense of community among like-minded crafters. Participants usually stitch at their own pace, sharing updates, images and experiences along the way. 

 A SAL is a unique opportunity to connect with stitchers from across the globe. Join our (large but friendly) dedicated Facebook group now with over 17,000 supportive members and share your progress, exchange useful tips and make friends with people who share your passion. 

christmas cross stitch kit

You'll find stitching a project alongside others incredibly motivating. Seeing others' progress, celebrating milestones together and sharing successes and challenges is a fantastic way to stay on track and excited to continue stitching. 

Joining a SAL is also a great opportunity to collaborate with others, learn new techniques and share tips, tricks and insights from the experiences and skills of other stitchers. 


Picture a magical, snowy Christmas village-style cross stitch pattern - this is the perfect project for those looking to spread festive cheer and get excited in the run-up to the big day! 

Christmas Wonderland is a 12-week-long, mystery cross stitch project. It's super easy to participate! To join, all you have to do is click here on Wednesday 16th August at 7pm (London time), and pre-order your kit (or PDF patterns only) of choice. We'll take care of the rest! 

christmas cross stitch needle minder

For kits, you'll have the option of 14 count or 16 count aida (we recommend 14 count aida for beginners), or a soft 32 count evenweave. The kit contains all of the high-quality, pre-sorted supplies needed to create this beautiful needlework project. You'll also receive generous lengths of thread to allow for happy accidents and if you run out, we'll send more for free.

Choose PDF patterns only and we'll provide all of the necessary information (thread colours and lengths) so that you can use up your stash, or make the trip out to your local craft store and source the supplies yourself. 

The one-off price includes all 6 pattern pieces. It's counted cross stitch so there's no printing on the fabric and you can easily personalise the project if you wish!

christmas stitch along

All of our SALs are completely beginner-friendly and really calming to complete. We don't include any tricky back stitch or French knots, so you don't have to worry or think too much about it. If you're a Christmas lover like us, this is the best way to get excited and make the run-up to the big day feel as quick as possible! 

Christmas Wonderland will last for 12 weeks and a new pattern piece will be revealed approximately every 2 weeks. Not only is this project great for beginners, our SALs are great fun for more advanced stitchers - the designs have some fantastic little details to keep you interested! This will be a welcome break from your larger cross stitch pieces. The digital patterns come in both colour and black and white to suit all preferences. 

christmas cross stitch kit

Your first pattern piece will arrive in your email inbox on September 25th at midday, and the other pattern pieces will follow. You can then start to stitch the pattern at your own pace and share your progress with our Facebook community

There are plenty of ways to finish off your project once complete. Try framing, mounting, creating a cushion or wall-hanging, or use a backing board and decorate your home or gift it to a friend (the most special gifts are handmade!) We have plenty of finishing tutorials and inspiration on our YouTube channel!

Once complete, don't forget to share a photo of your completed project with the community. We adore seeing our Facebook community's hard-work and celebrating your collective achievement! 

christmas cross stitch kit


It's suitable for everybody! You might be a complete beginner or someone who already enjoys other crafts like crochet, quilting or embroidery. If you are a more experienced stitcher, this is a lovely, fun and relaxing design for you to complete.

If you're a beginner cross stitcher, this is the best way to get involved and learn as you go. Every section is small and manageable and you'll have access to unlimited support (from both us and our amazing Facebook group with over 17,000 members worldwide) and you can complete each instalment at your own pace with no obligation to keep up. 

If you choose to order a kit, it will come with Zweigart fabric, 1 DMC needle, pre-sorted DMC threads/floss, a clear colour key, and illustrated step-by-step instructions. 

christmas cross stitch kit

Contact us by email support@caterpillarcrossstitch or over the phone (+44) 01926 485 045 Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm. Join in with confidence as we have heaps of experience hosting stitch-a-longs since 2017 with 20 under our belt and we have a ton of 5-star reviews. 

"100% recommend Caterpillar Cross Stitch. The patterns are clear and easy to follow and the materials (aida and the threads) are top quality. I love stitching these kits." - Victoria

We also have the option of sending some supplies directly to a lucky recipient as a crafty, unique Christmas gift. All you have to do is add their shipping information and enter a message at checkout and we'll include a handwritten gift note for free! If you're in different locations, you could buy 2 and stitch them together over Zoom or Facetime while catching up. 


Be one of the first to get your hands on our 2023 Christmas SAL by tapping here! Pre-order opens on Wednesday August 16th at 7pm (London time). We ship internationally and we've made sure there will be plenty of time to complete the project before Christmas day. 

When it comes to supporting our fabulous community, we're here to help you every step of the way and provide as much advice and encouragement as you need. We also offer tips, tricks and tutorials on our Facebook, Instagram and TikTok page, as well as on our YouTube channel. 

cross stitch journal

We offer a full satisfaction and money back guarantee because we're that certain you're going to love your goodies!


It's a wonderful, beginner-friendly creative outlet and an easy way to keep your mind and body relaxed and stress-free. Cross stitch is often referred to as 'yoga for the mind'. 

There are endless mental health benefits. It's a fantastic escape from day-to-day life and a wonderful way to keep your mind and body calm. Imagine a long day at work or with the kids and sitting down of an evening, for your own bit of 'me time' with a brand new exciting project! 

cross stitch planner

Why not treat yourself to the ultimate bundle and add on the brand new Complete Cross Stitch Planner (to keep you motivated and organised) and a handy project bag to keep your supplies safe?


Always getting needles lost or stuck in the sofa? Shop the sweet Hot Chocolate needle minder to secure your needle at all times. This brand-new, festive needle minder is perfect for winter stitching. Find out more about our range of needle minders here and take advantage of our current pick and mix 3 for £23.90 offer!

We'd be absolutely delighted to have you join us for the Christmas Wonderland stitch-a-long so please tap here to find out more

Happy stitching!

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