Why the Mental Health Benefits of Cross Stitch Can Calm Your Life

February 09, 2020

It’s no coincidence that the growing appetite for crafts is linked to our increasingly digital lifestyle. When we spend so much time tapped into technology, the appeal of making something with our own hands has become much greater.

That’s why the unexpected benefits of crafting are being discovered by so many people and can have a seriously positive impact on our mental wellbeing. Mental health struggles might affect anyone, in any stage of life, but the simple act of cross-stitching can be incredibly effective in finding focus during these times.

Here’s why craft and wellbeing go hand-in-hand.


sunflower cross stitch kit



When you’ve spent all day staring at a computer screen or under pressure at work, doing something creative makes a welcome escape.

For lots of people, cross stitch is a form of meditation with the repetitive, silent action bringing a kind of inner calm. The gratification we get is a result of our brain and our body being in sync - something which rarely happens in this digital age.

Working like this forces us to stop, sit down and redirect our energy. It distracts us from the day-to-day worries of life and the constant whirring in our minds, helping us to refocus and refresh.

The repetitive actions of cross-stitch, which completely absorb our mind, allow us to enter into our ‘flow’ state and that’s where we experience our deepest engagement with life.

We also gain complete control over our actions. When life feels like it’s spiralling out of control, this can be a great stress reliever and something reliable when life is more full of struggle than calm.

If you’re dealing with an angst-ridden teenager, introducing them to a craft as a way to focus energy and positivity could really help to calm things down.


calm through crafts teenager



Despite the excitement and joy of a new baby, becoming a new parent can be a lonely, difficult time for lots of first time mothers. The long days, longer nights and lack of sleep make it easy to slip into a pattern of feeling blue.

However, the simple satisfaction that comes from creating a finished product helps put some focus back on mum, rather than baby. It’s refreshing to work on a project that’s outside of life with a newborn and can bring hope and focus when it’s difficult to get through the day.

Our alphabet birth samplers are designed to bring stitching satisfaction whilst making something for a nursery or child’s room at the same time.


crafts to help with post natal depression



The best thing about stitching is that the mental health benefits apply whatever your age.

By following patterns, counting stitches and keeping our brains engaged, we’re boosting our brain function throughout life, from childhood to adulthood.

When it comes to children, working together on a cross stitch pattern is a great way to reconnect and collaborate. Because their world is so saturated with technology, creating a shared project together can help to spark conversation and closeness.


cross stitch pets flowers


For adults, a shared love of stitch is also a great way to meet new people and socialise too. There’s a whole world of cross stitchers out there in online communities just like our Facebook group or in local libraries, village halls or craft centres.

Ready to start stitching? Explore our full range of kits here and get started on a cross stitch journey that’s great for mind and soul.


sally wilson caterpillar cross stitch

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