Colourful Christmas Cross Stitch Gifts that Give the Joy of Creativity

October 20, 2020

Working on a craft isn’t only satisfying and fun to do, it’s also great for our mental wellbeing. As 2020 draws to a close, we’ve probably never needed that more.

Giving a cross stitch gift for Christmas goes beyond someone making a pretty project; you’re creating a space of relaxation, mindfulness, calm and creativity that they can enjoy every single day. It’s a chance to make something with our hands, a project to get lost in then stand back and admire. The satisfaction is huge. 

If you’d like to give something that’s so much more than the old scarf, socks or bubble bath, read on for our pick of top cross stitch gifts this Christmas.


christmas jumper cross stitch



Caterpillar Cross Stitch kits aren’t exclusive to those who’ve been stitching for a while; they work well for a total beginner too. If you’re buying for someone who’s new to the craft, a complete kit (with 14 count aida) is probably a good idea so that they won’t have to worry about buying separate threads or materials. 

Go all out on a festive theme with The 12 Days of Stitchmas  or celebrate the return of the colourful Christmas jumper. These kits are both great activities to keep spirits up next to a cosy fire when the cold weather sets in. 

You can find all of our Christmas-themed kits here. Several of them have the option to choose a smaller (28 count) weave fabric for more advanced stitchers or a larger (14 count) weave for beginners. 




Of course, your friends and and family aren’t the only ones who might benefit from a bit of craft escapism this Christmas. If you’d like to make self-care a resolution for next year, we’ve got a brand new stitch-a-long called 'Made to Create' starting in January 2021. It'll feature all of your favourite crafting elements from stitching and painting to crochet and knitting! 

Stitch-a-longs are a great way to unite with fellow crafters around the world with a shared sense of creativity. We'll release a new part of the stitch-a-long pattern every month (for 5 months in total) so we’re all stitching roughly the same part around the same time. There’s also direct access to our Facebook group as part of the project, where you’ll meet a huge community of nearly 9,000 people enjoying and sharing tips about cross stitch. 

Pre-order for 'Made to Create' will open at the end of November 2020 and more details will slowly be revealed soon! In the meantime, you can find out more about the current stitch-a-long Hello Deer here


stitch a long 2021


Christmas is a time for giving and with our charity products, its an easy way to treat yourself, support a small business and donate money to some worthwhile causes at the same time!

A variety of needle minders have selected charities attached to them. For example, £2 from each sale of the Brave and Strong heart design goes to Cancer Research UK, a cause close to my heart as so many people I love have unfortunately fought cancer. The koala design supports Australian wildlife charities and the You Are Enough badge design supports Mind, the mental health charity which as we know is such an important lifeline at the moment when people are struggling through these challenging times. 


needle minders uk



There’s been plenty to think about in 2020 so if we can help take the stress out of Christmas in any way, that’s what we intend to do!

Whatever cross stitch gifts you choose, we offer the option for you to include a free personalised, handwritten note to tell someone you’re thinking of them and we can even ship your gift directly to the recipient. If you know they’d enjoy getting involved in some crafting but you’re not sure which project to choose, let them have the fun of deciding by sending a gift ecard.

There’s no need to get stressed by last-minute shopping; we’re ready to help you get ahead right now and have some stitchy goodness with you in plenty of time for the big day! So you can relax, watch Love Actually and slurp on some mulled wine with your feet up.

Whatever you choose, one thing’s for sure: the world might be unpredictable but an uplifting, colourful pattern and a bit of thread will always be the perfect antidote. 


sally wilson cross stitch


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