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Have you ever done a Stitch-a-Long before? Now is your chance to get involved in this exciting cross stitch project! Here are 5 great reasons why you should join in!...

1. Its a mystery! Sure, its nice to know exactly what your finished piece will look like but the mystery SAL makes it more fun! Patiently waiting for the 1st of the month to find out which piece of the puzzle you'll be stitching keeps you on your toes! We all know the theme is "Happiness is Homemade" (think afternoon tea meets Bake Off) but other than that, you could be stitching anything each month - so go get speculating!

2. Make new friends worldwide! The cross stitch community is just, well, pretty fantastic. Join the dedicated Facebook group here and meet other stitchers from Melbourne to Washington! Upload pictures of your progress to Facebook and Instagram and guess together what's coming up next!

3. Its quick and easy! Sometimes, a large piece can be a bit daunting; the complexity or size might put you off. But with the Stitch-a-Long, a larger pattern is split into more managable pieces. So, you won't find yourself bogged down or getting bored with it because you'll finish each month quickly and start getting excited about the next!

4. Its (ahhhh) relaxing! We all live somewhat busy and stressful lives and cross stitch gives us that perfect time to relax, wind down and concentrate on those little squares of perfection. Read all about the benefits of cross stitch here on the BLOG.

5. There's an option to suit all stitchers! Whether you're totally new to cross stitch and are a recent convert, or if you've been obsessed for years and are happy to criss cross on high thread count evenweave using your own stash of threads, there's an option to suit you! From the PDF digital pattern only right through to a full kit with a choice of fabric and threads, needle and hard copies of the patterns, you'll find exactly what you're after with the options here.

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Jennifer Abbott
Jennifer Abbott

February 14, 2017

Very interested.

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