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Recently I was lucky enough to write a guest blog post over on Loretta's popular cross stitch site: Stitching The Night Away. Having run a cross stitch business for nearly 3 years, I regularly hear stitchers' stories and experiences of how cross stitch has not only helped them, but would go so far as to say its changed their lives. So I spent a few months gathering real-life examples, speaking to a life coach, counsellor and GP to gain their professional insight. Take a peek at the article HERE and please do leave a comment - what role does cross stitch play in your life? Read some excerpts below...

calm cross stitch benefits

A little criss cross, that’s all it takes. It might sound simple, but I’ve found cross stitch to be so much more than just thread, fabric and a needle. Having listened to stitchers from all over the world, of all levels of experience, together with relevant medical professionals, I’m going to explain exactly why you should try cross stitch today and how it can change your life.

We live in an age where technology has created a fast-paced multitasking environment. Stitch for an hour, and notice how different you feel. The mind is calm and free from over thinking, breathing slower. More and more artificial light from screens affects sleep patterns and circadian rhythms prevent a deep, restorative sleep. So doing a bit of cross stitch in an evening means you’re more likely to switch off and wind down. Also known as being a ‘slow craft’, cross stitch is truly yoga for the mind (just without the leggings or stretching!)

cross stitch benefits

One stitcher told me; ‘Being disabled and stuck at home a lot, I use stitching to keep me sane. I enjoy doing it when I feel well enough and it has stopped me being so depressed. I like stitching because I love seeing the end result after many hours and months in some cases. But it gives you something to focus on daily. On days when you might feel hopeless, even stitching a few more rows is progress. Having the patience and commitment to see a piece through to the end, seeing it slowly take shape and feeling proud of every stitch you placed, is so satisfying. Even with being disabled, through cross stitch, I have a purpose and can achieve something.

I hope cross stitch changes your life too. 

sally wilson caterpillar cross stitch

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October 05, 2018

Thank you again for sharing such a beautiful guest post at Stitching the Night Away :) ~ truly appreciated.

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