A Baby Cross Stitch Kit to Personalise Your Modern, Handmade Nursery

July 02, 2019

When you’re expecting a new arrival, you naturally want to make the space they’ll call home as beautiful, welcoming and personal as possible. Choosing colour palettes, decorating and buying accessories can all be exciting steps in creating your own nursery, but there’s nothing more special than creating something unique by hand.

Working on a baby cross stitch kit is the perfect way to put a handmade stamp on your modern nursery. As well as being great fun and the best way to learn a new skill, you’re creating a piece of work that will mark this special moment in your life for years to come.


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Creating a nursery that you love might feel overwhelming when you see the amount of products and ideas out there. Try to keep things consistent with the decor in the rest of your house and make life simple by building a neutral scheme around one or two key pieces of furniture.

By focusing on simplicity you won’t need to keep re-decorating and it will be easy to transform the room as your child grows. Once you have the basic scheme in place it’s easy to add handmade touches or beautiful, colourful accessories that you love. Above all, concentrate on making a space that’s as easy as possible to use, safe and makes you feel calm and relaxed.


baby cross stitch kit ideas


Working on something handmade is a great way to anticipate the birth of your own baby or someone close to you. It’s also a useful way to take a little time out, reduce stress and get away from desk-based work to something more creative.

At Caterpillar Cross Stitch, baby cross stitch kits re-create the alphabet in a variety of pinks, blues and neutral colours. Depending on your scheme, choose from modern lettering inspired by 1920’s Art Deco, sweet baby bunting designs or a splattered paint design. You can add on baby's name, weight and date of birth with the personalisation option too!


baby cross stitch kit bunting


Everything you need to make the project is inside the kit and even if you’re a beginner to cross stitch it’s easy to complete. If you already have plenty of the threads and materials you need, you can simply download the baby cross stitch pattern as a pdf instead.



Recent trends in nursery design include natural fibres and wood, bold geometry and florals, tassels and pom-poms. All of these are easy to create with wall stickers, reclaimed wood or by hand to create a beautiful nursery that can adapt as your family does.

For more inspiration this Pinterest board has plenty of ideas featuring simple colours and patterns, weaving, cross stitch or personalised prints. One thing’s for sure, whatever decor or craft you choose, this is going to be a time of your life that you’ll never forget.

Find the full range of baby cross stitch kits here.

baby cross stitch kits

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