Glitter Bobbins with Ring Set

Want to organise your embroidery thread or floss? Grab a set of these glitter acrylic bobbins plus metal ring to keep them neat and in order.

For each new cross stitch project, you can wind the thread around each bobbin and either write the thread code onto the bobbin directly or use a sticker.

1. Easy to open, 2.5" inch (6.8cm) diameter hinged metal ring 
2. Acrylic pastel thread bobbins x 6 (3.7 x 4cm)
3. Colours include: blue, silver, gold, red, pink and green
4. Use stickers (not included) or write the code on with a permanent fine liner pen

These bobbins will help you keep track and stay organised while stitching, customise your thread collection and always make your stitching a pure pleasure. 

Add on for a crafty gift idea or when buying a cross stitch pattern! Threads and fabric not included - shown for illustrative purposes only. 

Shipped worldwide. Tracked and Signed shipping is recommended.