The Dash Away Christmas Cross Stitch-a-Long

July 04, 2017

Following on from the success of the current Happiness is Homemade SAL, we have decided to launch a new Christmas SAL! We start stitching 'Dash Away!' on 4th August 2017 and pre-order is open now HERE!

We will be stitching the 8-part Christmas SAL one part every 2 weeks until November to give everyone time to finish it off, frame, turn into a cushion or gift before Christmas! 

Here are 6 great reasons why you should join in!...

1. Its a mystery! Sure, its nice to know exactly what your finished piece will look like but the mystery SAL makes it more fun! Patiently waiting for the next release date to find out which piece of the puzzle you'll be stitching keeps you on your toes!

christmas sal dash away stitch along cross stitch kit caterpillar cross stitch

2. Make new friends worldwide! Join the dedicated Facebook group here and meet other stitchers from Sydney to Iceland! Upload pictures of your progress to Facebook and Instagram (*using the hashtag #CCSSAL) and guess together what's coming up next!

3. Its quick and easy! Sometimes, a large piece can be a bit daunting; the complexity or size might put you off. But with the Stitch-a-Long, a larger pattern is split into more manageable pieces.

4. Its relaxing! Cross stitch gives us that time to relax, wind down and concentrate on those little squares of perfection. Read all about the benefits of cross stitch here on the BLOG.

5. PDFs, hard copies or full kits! Whether you're totally new to cross stitch or if you've been obsessed for years, there's an option to suit you!

6. Who doesn't love CHRISTMAS? Do we need more of a reason than that!? Plus, it would make the most fabulous gift this year!

So don't hesitate, and grab your pre-order here now to get ready for some wonderful festive stitching come August!

caterpillar cross stitch sally wilson modern cross stitch kits

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