Stitcher of the Month - June 2021

June 10, 2021

Welcome to the Caterpillar Cross Stitch 'Stitcher of the Month' competition for June 2021 where the winner will walk away with a £20 gift voucher! I love this community we've built together and I want to showcase the personality and story of a special stitcher each month.

Every one of you is so valued and I want to recognise and celebrate your contributions through this monthly giveaway. On the first day of every month, I'll ask for your nominations. You can nominate yourself or someone else.


cross stitcher of the month


Simply email us at (with Stitcher of the Month in the subject line) with your full name, location and include:

1. 3 x photos of some recent stitching (any design or brand)

2. 1 x clear, well lit, high resolution photo of yourself or the nominee

3. Let us hear about your personality, background and experience with stitching including a tip for beginners (300 words minimum please)

4. Your favourite piece, how you started stitching and why you love it!

The winner will receive a £20 Caterpillar Cross Stitch gift voucher and have their work shared on social media, our website and in the next email! At the end of each month, the Caterpillar Cross Stitch team will pick one winner based on the set criteria: creativity, interesting story, enjoyment and passion for cross stitch and overall impression. The winner will be contacted by email and will be interviewed for our blog and social media channels.

And now on to our WINNER for June 2021... Congratulations Grace!


cross stitcher competition


My name is Grace Gardiner from Newport, South Wales! I started stitching when I was young, in year 6 so around 10 years old. My teacher created a sewing club and I never enjoyed being out and running around! I initially joined so I could sit with my friends and chat with them, my teacher forced us to take part if we decided to sit in the classroom.

I had fun creating my own designs but they always had to be lettering. I realise now that I was long stitching with my lettering and only doing the odd bit of cross stitching. All of my lettering involved "Happy Mothers Day" or "Happy Fathers Day!" I enjoyed that club but completely forgot about it for the last 6-7 years until recently.


cross stitcher competition


Due to lockdown, I wanted a hobby that allowed me to take time away from my screen. I noticed I was constantly on my phone and never felt productive or fulfilled. I decided to pick up the needle again, I started out with my first project shown above. It is the four dogs that I have framed! I am so proud of them as I think they look great together, that project really allowed me to fall in love in stitching all over again.

I have noticed I lean towards stitching animals. My favourite thing to do is cross stitch designs onto sweatshirts and bags! My most popular post was a design from LaSelva that I stitched onto a jumper. I loved it and is one of my favourite pieces!


cross stitched jumper sweater


I would say that I can be somewhat reserved especially in social situations. I find that my Instagram (@GracefullyEmbroidered) allows me to meet likeminded people and contribute to such a positive community full of creativity. I work in a gym so I am constantly talking about fitness and training but no one knows that I have a hobby that I am much more interested in which makes it even harder to connect to others.

I love to feel productive and become elated when I have finished another project. Although I have only been stitching for less than a year, I feel like I have learnt so much. I have found that organising my threads in order of their number rather than their colour helps me find them easier although it isn't as aesthetically pleasing. I have also found that threading your end thread through your stitches on the back is a better way of finishing that strand than tying it! I still have so much learning to do and look forward to all the projects I have lined up!


cross stitch grey cat


If you would like to join over 11,000 stitchers in the Facebook group, please click HERE. Well done Grace, your £20 Caterpillar Cross Stitch gift voucher is on its way to you!

Thank you for all of your wonderful entries - it was tough to pick a winner as they were all so lovely to read with some amazing stitching shown! Nominations are now open for our July 2021 Stitcher of the Month - I can't wait to see them!


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